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Combining a love for the craftsmanship of software development, a painstaking attention to detail, and a detailed, organized, and transparent process, we’ve distilled building digital products into a science.

Our Process

Building high-quality, award-winning apps and digital products for over seven years.

Since 2010, NewAperio has been building web and mobile apps for clients both locally and across the nation. We've worked with companies big and small — from regional industrial enterprises to bootstrapped entrepreneurs — across a broad range of industries. Our award-winning work can be attributed to our extensive experience developing and deploying apps, and our painstaking attention to detail — all backed by a proven development process.

Don’t let the word "process" fool you. While the work is serious, the process should be enjoyed. We implement a fun and synergetic approach when engaging with our clients, encouraging collaboration to share ideas, thoughts and inspiration throughout the process. We engage in regular status updates and encourage transparency and honesty throughout the process.

Our process is a modified agile development methodology, slowly customized after years of experience and through dozens of clients. It allows us to be nimble, responding quickly to the changing needs of the products we build, while also enhancing communication, helping us to ensure the highest quality possible.

Fundamentally, agile development is centered around development sprints — concentrated two-week development cycles. These sprints help us break down the components of the system into workable chunks, which can be presented as work-in-progress. And because the timeframe is concrete, it helps shorten the feedback loop, ensuring a cadence that helps usher the product from inception to delivery.

Product Design

Design is as important to any product as its backend functionality. By collaborating directly with engineers, our designers help shape products from the beginning, guiding them from idea to fully formed products that are delightful, thoughtful, and beautiful.

Design Sprints

We begin each project with a product design sprint. This sprint is a weeklong process that allows us to dive into a product, brainstorm innovative solutions, prototype them, and then test in front of actual customers. It short-circuits a longer development process to get to the gold sooner — i.e., the real world feedback from actual users of the product.

User Experience & Interface Design

The design of a product is its visual strategy. It's both the experience users have interacting with it — the emotion they feel while using it and the desires they have for using it — and the actual shapes, colors, and graphics that compose a product's visual identity. Using our design process, we can help guide your product from idea, to concept, to reality.

Web Development

Since we opened our doors on day one, we've had a focus on modern, cutting-edge web development. What started as a practice focused on Ruby and Rails development expanded over time to include other modern languages and frameworks with the same committment to quality craftsmanship.

Ruby / Rails

Ruby is our first love. It's the language that we started on and still the language we use for most of our web development. With over a decade of experience working with Ruby and Rails, we know its ins and outs like the back of our hand. If you need expert Ruby or Rails developers for your product, you've come to the right place.

JavaScript / React

From the introduction of Node.JS, an excellent choice for real-time web apps, to React, a proven framework for building Progressive Web Apps — immersive, interactive frontend apps powered by robust APIs — JavaScript has always been an important technology for modern web development. Whether you need a Node.JS app or an interactive web app, we can write standards-driven JavaScript for your product.


Elixir is a relatively new addition for us — but one that shows a lot of promise. A modern language inspired by Ruby, our first programming language love, Elixir is powered by the extremely performant and battle-tested Erlang VM. As the web has become more concurrent, Elixir's speed and fault-tolerance make it an ideal candidate for building APIs and complex web systems. If your project has a requirement for speed, concurrency, or fault-tolerance, we can write high-quality Elixir apps for you.

Mobile Development

From the moment Apple announced the App Store, we've been concepting, designing, and building mobile apps for iOS. Since then, we've worked with new mobile platforms and technologies while employing our same results-oriented process to produce engaging, high-quality apps for our clients.


We've been writing native iOS apps since the first day Apple opened the App Store. Since then, we've migrated from Objective-C to Swift, Apple's new programming language, while maintaining a committment to performant native apps that leverage the device's full power and features. If you need beautiful, functional native apps for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Apple TV, we can help.


Android has been a major mobile platform for years. Powering most of the world's mobile devices, it's an important part of most successful mobile products. As a low-cost, unrestricted alternative to iOS, it can also be used to power custom hardware. Using our robust testing lab, we can build successful, well-designed native Android apps that look and work great on all Android devices for your mobile or custom hardware product.

React Native

Building on our strong foundation developing native mobile apps and our long history of expertise in JavaScript development, React Native is an alternative framework for building mobile apps backed by JavaScript. Instead of building two separate native apps, React Native allows us to build one app that runs on both platforms, shortening development cycles. If your product needs to be in both places at once, we can leverage React Native to get your apps to market faster.

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