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Junior Developer

We’re looking for a US-based junior software developer to join our remote team of engineers and designers building hand-crafted web and mobile applications.

Full time: Remote
Annual Salary Range: $45,000–$60,000
Please note this position is only open to US citizens based in US timezones.

As a NewAperio employee, you’ll be a part of a team using modern tech and a collaborative approach to deliver beautiful and functional experiences to a wide variety of clientele. You’ll work closely with other developers to meaningfully contribute to new and existing applications, develop lasting relationships with clients, and help shape our growing team dynamic.

Who we are

NewAperio is an agile and disciplined team that sweats the details and takes pride in our craft. We originally worked out of an office space in Baton Rouge, LA, but are now a fully remote team that embraces the nuances of working asynchronously.

Our name is unique. Aperio (pronounced uh-pair-e-o) is a Latin word meaning “to uncover”. We believe that’s what we help our clients do: to discover their hidden potential. The New part emphasizes the ever-changing nature of our industry—by reminding ourselves daily of the constant evolution of the web and mobile platforms, we commit ourselves to constantly challenge and expand what we know.

We like to work:

  • In two week sprints of focused work
  • With consistent communication
  • With repeated user testing
  • Alongside stakeholders and client teams
  • In a fluid process that adapts to changes

Today, ten years after our founding, we focus on building high-quality applications for web and mobile devices for a broad cross-section of clients—from large institutions to scrappy start-ups.


As a junior developer, you will:

  • Build and maintain well-tested software applications
  • Develop warm and productive relationships with our clients
  • Collaborate with senior developers to plan and execute development work
  • Work with designers to implement high-fidelity application designs
  • Rapidly expand your knowledge of tools, languages, and development practices


We want to work with anyone experienced in building software. The source of that experience—be it a coding bootcamp, university degree, or personal hobby—isn’t important, but we do have some requirements that will help ensure a better fit for everyone:

  • You’re proficient with one or more of the programming languages or frameworks in our tech stack, which includes Elixir, Phoenix, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, React Native, Ruby, and Rails
  • You understand the concept of automated testing
  • You have a high-level understanding of application design
  • You can empathize with folks who aren't tech-oriented
  • You’re good at iterating on work based on peer feedback
  • You’re not surprised to find that you need help completing high-complexity engineering tasks, and find collaborating on such problems useful

A well-qualified candidate works well as part of a highly-collaborative team and nurtures an interest in learning and developing new skills. If you have a portfolio or public code repository that showcases some of your work, that's a big plus.

Technologies we use Historically, we’ve been a Ruby on Rails shop, but our team has lovingly embraced and supported the Elixir programming language, which is our go-to for web apps and APIs. When building native mobile experiences, we rely on cross-platform tools that allow us to maximize code reuse—React Native is our current favorite.

We work with tech stacks of all shapes and sizes but implement our preferred stack when building new apps:

  • Elixir/Phoenix
  • PostgreSQL
  • TypeScript/React Native
  • AWS

Our interview process

We don’t believe that reciting algorithms on a whiteboard or solving complex coding problems in front of an audience makes for a good tech interview. We employ a multi-stage interview process so that we get a better chance to know you and understand how you work. After we’ve reviewed your application, if we think you might be a good fit:

  • A senior developer (Nick or Cody) will contact you to schedule an initial 30–45 minute video call. During this call, we want to learn about your background, experience, and interests, and to answer any questions you might have about NewAperio or the Junior Developer role.
  • After our founder/CEO (Logan) reviews the call and meets with your interviewer, we’ll contact you to let you know whether or not we’d like to move forward. We try to get back to you within 2 days.
  • If we all agree to move forward, your interviewer will schedule a second call that will be more technically focused. We’ll talk more in-depth about your experience, and you’ll be given a short coding exercise that isn’t designed to be tricky or overly complex—we're just interested in how you tackle a problem.
  • If the second call goes well, we’ll book at least one more call so that you can meet the team and we can get to know you better as a person, rather than simply a developer.
  • After the final call, our founder/CEO will schedule 1:1 time to review an offer or discuss otherwise.

The entire process should culminate in a final determination in two weeks or less.


We offer a competitive benefits package that includes:

  • Health/dental/vision insurance: Your physical and mental well-being are important to us, so we offer private health insurance for you and your family. We cover 50% of the employee health premium and 100% of the employee dental and vision premiums.
  • 401k: You'll work with a 401k plan administrator to select your investments, and we'll match your contributions up to 4%.
  • Flexible paid time off: We don't think work should be your life, and we try to reflect that in our PTO policy. Instead of accruing PTO, you are entitled to take as many days off as you need to in order to maintain your health and well-being, stay connected to your friends and family, and generally enjoy life—we just ask that you work with us to help ensure your assignments get completed. As no PTO is accrued, there is no “use it or lose it” policy—but we do encourage you to use it! Our employees typically take 2–3 weeks per year in addition to company holidays. One of our core values is flexibility, so we also have flexible work schedules—because sometimes life happens—and unlimited sick days, for when you're ill or blue. Some of us are also parents and understand what it's like having kids; we'll work with you on parental leave plans.
  • Company-provided hardware: Our developers use Apple hardware to get their jobs done, so you'll be outfitted with a MacBook Pro and accompanying peripherals.
  • Work-from-home allowance: As part of our commitment to the remote lifestyle, we give you $800 to spend outfitting your personal space for productive work.

One of our core tenets is life-long learning, and to that end we:

  • Typically attend at least one conference each year, with all expenses covered
  • Hold periodic catered ”lunch and learn” sessions to give employees a chance to share the things they're passionate about in the tech space (and beyond!)
  • Maintain an ever-growing library of educational books and courses

If you feel like you’d be a good fit for this role, and that NewAperio would be a good fit for you, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at with your name, contact info, and a link to your résumé and/or portfolio.



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