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Breakthroughs in technology mean digital products are ubiqiutous and complex, allowing for even the most sophisticated concepts in the healthcare/medical and fitness/lifestyle industries to be distilled into beautiful and functional web and mobile apps.

NewAperio has experience in these fields which together comprise one of our biggest industry segments. We've built everything from sophisticated health forecasting models that help clinical teams diagnose and triage more accurately to meal planning apps that help users take control of their health.

Evidence-Based Digital Products

Evidence-based products are changing the landscape of apps in the medical and fitness categories. No longer are brands trading on feature lists, celebrity endorsements, or flashiest brands. These days they're touting the best research, credentials, and institutions that have researched, designed, and clinically tested their products.

NewAperio has experience integrating with research teams. We've taken clinical findings from academic and practical researchers — some of the top names in the world — and collaborated to distill their insight into commercially successful products that hold their scientific fidelity.

Secure, Standards-Compliant Medical Apps

When it comes to health data, particularly any data that can be connected back to a specific user (so called Personally Identifiable Information, or PII), organizations have to be especially prudent. The federal government has strict guidelines and organizations that are bound by HIPAA face even more stringent protocols. This compounds when an organization is federally funded or federally mandated, such as by the DOD, CMS, or HHS.

Fortunately, NewAperio has experience dealing with these acronyms before — and many others. We have a wealth of experience building systems to comply with HIPAA, PII, and more, having built apps for the federal government, funded by federal grants, and everything in between. Furthermore, we've helped clients through third-party audits to ensure compliance to the highest degree.

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