A custom examination tool to ensure better consistency and results

Ruby / Rails, JavaScript / React, UI / UX Design


The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency (LOPA) is the state’s organ and tissue recovery agency. Donor referrals can occur at any point so LOPA’s agents are tasked with always being prepared to answer the call. Upon arrival, they must work with the hospital staff to assess if the patient has a viable donation, after succumbing to death after cardiac arrest (DCD). Prior to developing their own evaluation tool, LOPA used one that often lead to mislabeling of candidates, and subsequently, donors’ families suffering a second loss.

To ensure better consistency and results, they use a custom examination tool that’s not only exhaustive, but is now leading the charge for other organ procurement organizations (OPOs) around the nation. For OPOs who need an accurate, fast, and easy tool to evaluate organ viability, the DCD Evaluation Tool LOPA created is an organ procurement asset that provides clinicians the opportunity to give life. This product is unlike anything in the market because it uses cutting edge technology in an easily accessible application for smart phones that is fast, accurate and easy to execute. LOPA’s issue lied within its need of having a platform that’s user-friendly and modernized.

Our solution was to create a fully responsive, web app that integrates LOPA’s formulas and can make a patient’s viability clearer, quicker. In addition, we were tasked with making this a multitiered platform that can be used by the OPOs across the nation. This product would be exemplary of sharing information for the greater good within the DCD Evaluation Tool market.

DonorMetrics Main Dashboard


We walked the LOPA team through a branding process that began with a set of meetings and creative brief. During these sessions, LOPA was tasked with providing deep insight as to how they arrived at the decision to create this tool and how they foresaw their imagery in the marketplace. After the meetings, both internal and external, we delivered a brand study with our rationale, a new logo and with the product’s name — DonorMetrics.

DonorMetrics Brand Guidelines

DonorMetrics Color Palette

DonorMetrics Fonts

DonorMetrics Text Styles

DonorMetrics Objects


Using development technologies such as Rails and JSON API Spec, we developed a DCD tool that was functional and fast. Most importantly, it was accurate and provided the staff with complete evaluations.

We developed a DCD tool that allowed for tiered user authentication, multiple evaluation checkpoints and that integrated LOPA’s algebraic formulas.

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