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June 22, 2021

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We’re pleased to announce that Meks McClure has joined NewAperio as a junior developer!

Meks joins us from pastoral Rice, Minnesota — and thus is our first rural hire. They’ve been on board for about a month now and have been hard at work learning Elixir and contributing to our client projects.

Meks comes to us from a non-traditional software background, having recently completed an intensive, well-regarded coding bootcamp. They have degrees in Biology and Philosophy.

When they’re not busy getting up to speed with Elixir and life at NewAperio, they like to read sci-fi and fantasy novels and take long walks with their dog, Tommy.

We’re already impressed with their contributions and we’re excited to see their career grow at NewAperio.

We’re still growing! If you'd like to join our team and work with Meks and the entire team of excellent humans at NewAperio, check out our open positions.

Logan Leger

Founder & CEO

Founder. Engineer and entrepreneur. Husband and father. Writes in Ruby, Elixir, JavaScript, and Swift. he/him

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