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April 12, 2021

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We’re pleased to announce that Glynnis Ritchie has joined NewAperio as a senior designer!

If you've worked with NewAperio over the last few years, you'll no doubt be familiar with Glynnis and her work: she's been contributing to the design of our client projects as one of our longest standing contractors. After continually increasing our partnership, we mutually decided it was time for her to join us full-time — and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Glynnis brings with her a wealth of experience designing for the web and mobile. She's also cofacilitated product design sprints alongside yours truly and her perspective on building great products has been invaluable to our clients.

Glynnis joins us from New Orleans. In her spare time, she makes beautiful pottery and, continuing a company tradition, loves tabletop games (she introduced the team to Wingspan, a collective favorite). She's also the longest-tenured remote worker at NewAperio!

If you'd like the opportunity to have Glynnis design a delightful, thoughtful, and beautiful app for you, reach out to see how we can help!

We’re still growing! If you'd like to join our team and work with Glynnis and the entire team of excellent humans at NewAperio, check out our open positions.

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