NewAperio Junior Developer Meks McClure Featured on Elixir Wizards Podcast

June 03, 2022

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I’m excited to announce that Meks McClure, NewAperio junior developer, was recently featured on the Elixir Wizards podcast. The theme of the podcast was Elixir in polyglot environments. Meks spoke about our work in Elixir and how our full-stack developers work between front-end and back-end technologies such as Elixir, React, React Native, and TypeScript.

Additionally, Meks also spoke about their journey into tech from a non-traditional background, how they set up their ultra-ergonomic working environment, what it’s like working at NewAperio — and much more!

I might be biased, but it was a great listen and I hope you’ll check it out.

🎧 Listen to the podcast here!

Quote from Meks McClure, NewAperio junior developer, on Elixir Wizards podcast.

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