NewAperio 2021 Mug

December 29, 2021

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Every year around the holidays we send out a custom coffee mug and a bag of delicious beans as a gift. We send it to our clients in appreciation of their business, our team in appreciation of their hard work, and our friends in appreciation of their support.

Earlier this year I published a retrospective of our mugs past and present and now I'm happy to unveil this year's mug. The theme for 2021 was in celebration of our new remote culture. We had a banner year and doubled the size of our team. Since we're fully remote, we hired in new states, expanding our presence to California and Minnesota. This year's mug celebrates that by highlighting important cultural icons of each of the three states we have team members in. It's also our 11th year in business!

NewAperio - remote coffee mug

This year the mug was illustrated by Louisiana illustrator extradordinnare Hannah Gumbo. The beans were roasted by Pretty Coffee, an independent Louisiana roaster. I'm also extremely pleased that this year's gift was entirely produced by independent female creators. Thanks for making it happen, Hannah and Sarah!

A special shoutout to our team who made this happen: Glynnis directed the design of the mugs and Nick coordinated production.

Want to be included on the list for next year's edition? Become a treasured friend by joining our list of amazing clients or by referring new business our way. Give us a shout!

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