Mug Retrospective 2020

January 08, 2021

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Every year around the holidays we send out gifts to our clients and friends to show appreciation for their support. We like to send out custom coffee mugs and beans. We’re huge coffee lovers at NewAperio so it’s nice to share our joy. Even if you don’t drink coffee, it’s always nice to have a great mug around!

I thought it would be cool to provide a look at the mugs we chose for 2020 and those of years past. Our first vintage was in 2011. We ended up ordering so many of that version we didn’t do a second edition until 2017—lesson learned! In addition to 2020 and 2011, we did custom mugs in 2017, 2018, and 2019—five editions in total.

NewAperio coffee mugs

2020 / Built to Last

2020 was our 10 year anniversary, so the theme we chose for the mug design was “Built to Last”.

I’ve always held the idea of sustainability in mind when building this company. We grew slow and steady because I wanted the company to be around for the longhaul. This theme was apparent all year—not only did we make it to 10 years but we weathered a pandemic. When you work with NewAperio you have confidence: we’re built to last. That philosophy extends to everything we do.

The accompanying coffee was from Pretty Coffee Roasting, an independent, woman-owned roaster in New Orleans. We chose their El Salvador / El Bálsamo Quetzaltepec roast. It’s sourced directly from the producer, which means more of the revenue gets passed on. It’s a honey coffee, which is unique and fun. The tasting notes are “orange blossom honey, malt, black tea, creamy body”. It’s a really delightful roast from a delightful company that we were excited to share!

NewAperio - Built to Last coffee mug

2019 / Uncover Your Hidden Potential

This mug theme was chosen to highlight the meaning behind our name. The creative was pulled straight from our about page:

Our name is unique. Aperio (pronounced uh-pair-e-o) is a Latin word meaning “to uncover”. We believe that’s what we help our clients do: to discover their hidden potential. The New part emphasizes the ever-changing nature of our industry—by reminding ourselves daily of the constant evolution of the web and mobile platforms, we commit ourselves to constantly challenge and expand what we know.

In fact the wording on the mug comes straight from our current home page:

We help brands uncover their hidden potential.

The accompanying coffee was a chicory roast—a nod to our Louisiana roots—from Reve Roasters, a local roaster just down the street from us in Lafayette. Chicory is a distinct and delicious roast, unique to Louisiana and perfect for our far-flung clients.

NewAperio - Uncover Your Hidden Potential coffee mug

2018 / Delightful, Thoughtful, Beautiful

This mug theme was another bit of copywriting from our website come to life. It’s on our services page:

Design is as important to any product as its backend functionality. By collaborating directly with engineers, our designers help shape products from the beginning, guiding them from idea to fully formed products that are delightful, thoughtful, and beautiful.

We feel this sums up our work very well and is a north star for everything we do at NewAperio.

The accompanying coffee was the same Reve roast from 2019—it was a popular one amongst our gift list!

NewAperio - Delightful, Thoughtful, Beautiful coffee mug

2017 / Camp Classic

After a hiatus of a few years, we created a fresh mug design in 2017 by returning to basics. It’s a classic, no frills camp mug that still remains one of my favorites to drink from—featuring our logo front and center. This was a favorite when we issued it in 2017!

The accompanying coffee was a custom blend from an online roaster. No special tasting notes on this one; it was a fairly straightforward medium blend that was nice, but the best part was our logo—adorned with Santa hat—printed right on the bag.

NewAperio - camp coffee mug

2011 / Awaken Your Ideas

This was our first mug, coming just a year after our founding when we were finally getting our sea legs. We had real clients! And completed real projects! We had a lot to be thankful for and wanted to show appreciation to the clients and friends who helped us get off the ground.

The theme was a bit of play on words—clearly the me of ten years ago thought himself very clever. The idea here is that we help bring your startup to life through our work. That’s something I can definitely say is still true today!

This mug either didn't have an accompanying bean (or I forgot what it was and can't find any record—it was a long time ago).

NewAperio - Awaken Your Ideas coffee mug

A special shoutout to the team who makes this happen every year: Glynnis designs the mugs and Nick coordinates production.

Want to be included on the list for next year's edition? Just become a client, treasured friend, or refer new business. Give us a shout!

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