Intro to Elixir Talk at Activate

February 26, 2018

Tags: Talks, Elixir

Activate is a new yearly tech conference in Baton Rouge that is organized by the local tech community. We were fortunate enough to be involved last year for its inaugural event as sponsors and attendees. This year, I decided to kick it up a notch by signing up to speak.

We've been building with Elixir internally for a year and a half. It's really become my newfound love and joy, and we're excited to be using it to build fast, performant web apps for our clients. I wanted to share this excitement with the rest of the community, so the topic is an intro to Elixir.

You can't just start with Elixir, though, so it covers functional programming, a little bit of Erlang and BEAM, and then finally gives a solid cursory glimpse into what makes Elixir such a fun language. It was about an hour long and I had a great time.

View the slides here or find their content on GitHub.

Thanks to my good friend and fellow Elixir developer Nick for helping put together the talk.

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