As fall rolls in, people take time to revel in the joys it brings: pumpkin-flavored everything, brisker breezes (we hope), and - for developers like ourselves - The Big Elixir.

This two-day NOLA conference allows the NewAperio team to hone our coding skills, network, and generally take it easy in the Big Easy. Last year’s lineup was brimming with helpful information such as: distributing application over multiple nodes; hot upgrades in production; testing GraphQL systems; implementing event buses, and the Nerves Project, a framework for using Elixir in embedded software development.

The theme of 2019’s event is “Emerging Elixir”, which spotlights innovation in the Elixir ecosystem, and encourages new voices in the industry. Although we’re no strangers to the event, the theme opened doors for us - and consequently also opened doors for many new and up-and-coming developers and small businesses.

Conference organizer Joe Ellis invited us to sponsor last year as well as this year, and our Founder and CEO, Logan Leger, was able to actualize a long-standing goal of his: support other scrappy young business leaders via the conference. The Big Elixir leadership adopted Leger’s idea of offering “scholarship” tickets to The Big Elixir attendees that would otherwise be unable to attend the two-day conference, which costs $300 per person for both days.

“We were excited when they agreed to take on this experimental action. I believe in a mission to help diversify tech. It makes the entire industry better if we have more voices providing distinct viewpoints. NewAperio only sponsors events when there’s a fit with that mission, and doing scholarships is a great way to do that,” Leger said.

Ellis and the rest of The Big Elixir team distributed a total of 5 scholarship tickets, and the tickets were awarded so quickly, the team came back to Leger with a request for additional tickets.

“I was very pleasantly surprised at the response. I did not expect we would give all the tickets away, and am very glad we did,” Leger laughed.

NewAperio and The Big Elixir are currently still offering scholarship tickets. To review the qualifications or to apply, click here. To learn more about The Big Elixir or to sign up, click here.

NewAperio is an agile and disciplined team that sweats the details and takes pride in our craftsmanship. We practice an intense, constant collaboration both internally and externally, and utilize modern development methodologies. This allows us to continually refine and iterate on the product, fully realizing our development goals.

Logan Leger

Founder & CEO

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