Elixir in the Cloud at The Big Elixir 2018

December 28, 2018

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of delivering a talk at The Big Elixir 2018, a brand new Elixir conference just down the road in New Orleans. It was a great conference and I enjoyed seeing old friends as well as making some new ones, while learning a bunch about my new favorite programming language.

My talk was titled "Elixir in the Cloud" and is all about deploying and running Elixir at scale in production using best practices on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Docker and Terraform.

You can find the code for this talk, including the Dockerfile and Terraform configuration files, on GitHub.

As we've been transitioning our web development to Elixir, I spent most of the year running DevOps for our team, which included figuring out best practices for deploying and managing Elixir web services. This talk is a culmination of that discovery and research.

The theme of the conference was "Elixir in Production" and I have to say it was an honor to share the stage with some truly magnificient talks. I recommend checking out the rest of the talks as well.

I was really impressed with the first year of the Big Elixir and I'm looking forward to 2019! If you're interested in Elixir I recommend it, not only for the great conference, but also for the magic of New Orleans.

Logan Leger

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