Agile Development Talk at BREW

November 14, 2017

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Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week is just around the corner. It's bigger and better this year, taking place over three days — November 14–16 — in downtown Baton Rouge. I'm really excited to see how the event is evolving and am looking forward to the speaker lineup.

I'm honored to say that I've been chosen as one of the speakers. I'm speaking on the first day, in one of the first slots — 10:30 AM at Lava Cantina on November 14.

The title of the talk is "The Process is the Way", which as an engineer is near and dear to my heart. I live and breathe for processes and I happen to think what we do here is truly special. I'll be talking about the agile development methodology, how we use design sprints to help surface consumer insight, and how prototying can short-circuit long and expensive R&D cycles.

If you're interested in learning about how we work or how you can apply the same agile concepts to your industry, stop on by!

You can view the slides here.

Logan Leger

Founder & CEO

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