Welcome, Nikki!

Logan Leger on April 07, 2021

We’re pleased to announce that Nikki Kyllonen has joined NewAperio as a junior developer! Nikki marks our first new hire since transitioning to a fully remote team and joins us from the Bay Area. She’s been on board for about 2 months now and has…

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Set up Mutual SSL Authentication for Local Development

Nicholas Scheurich on April 05, 2021

Working with clients in the healthcare industry sometimes requires us to interface with electronic medical records (EMRs). These systems are responsible for collecting patient medical data throughout the care process and often contain data critical…

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Mug Retrospective 2020

Logan Leger on January 08, 2021

Every year around the holidays we send out gifts to our clients and friends to show appreciation for their support. We like to send out custom coffee mugs and beans. We’re huge coffee lovers at NewAperio so it’s nice to share our joy. Even if you don…

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Nicholas Scheurich on January 04, 2021

I’d like to announce our second open source Elixir library— Mutiny . It helps ensure that records you consider immutable from a business perspective behave as such in your database. To start using Mutiny, simply add it to your dependencies: Let’s…

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10 Years

Logan Leger on December 30, 2020

In January of this year, NewAperio achieved a signifcant milestone: 10 years in business. I had planned on holding a big birthday bash, inviting employees, clients, and friends to celebrate this milestone and the part each of them played in getting…

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Transitioning to a Fully Remote Team

Logan Leger on December 15, 2020

If you had asked me at the end of 2019 if I thought we’d be terminating our lease a year later, I’d have said “no way”. I love our office. It’s a vibrant, welcoming space that we put a lot of intention into designing. Plus, we’ve had an office…

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Updating and Deleting from Temporary Assigns in Phoenix LiveView

Logan Leger on August 07, 2020

Phoenix LiveView is a great library for building real-time, reactive apps that are rendered server-side. We've used it in both large-scale, complex apps and simpler admin dashboards in order to build rich user experiences without the overhead of…

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Design Sprints in the time of COVID

Logan Leger on July 29, 2020

Design sprints have become crucial to our workflow when kicking off projects with new clients. They have become especially fundamental for our work with clients where we’re building a product that has never been released. The reason for this is two…

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Releasing Assert Identity

Logan Leger on May 06, 2020

I’m pleased to announce a new Elixir library called AssertIdentity . It’s a small helper library for ExUnit that provides assertions useful for comparing data structures by identity. AssertIdentity really shines in applications that leverage Ecto…

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Connected Care Press

Logan Leger on April 07, 2020

Connected Care is a new mobile app that lets you keep track of a loved one's care and well-being. It was originally conceived by Dr. Jim Rhorer to help keep track of his elderly mother who is aging-in-place and share updates across his large…

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