Early Careerists at ElixirConf 2022

Meks McClure on September 13, 2022

I have now attended two Elixir conferences, the Big Elixir and most recently ElixirConf. But this time, I went as a speaker! That was quite the adventure; check out Nikki’s post to read more about our experience and what we presented. Our choice…

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Co-Presenting at ElixirConf 2022

Nikki Kyllonen on September 08, 2022

Meks McClure and I had the privilege of co-presenting in Aurora, Colorado last week at ElixirConf 2022. It was the first time that either of us had spoken at a conference and we were incredibly nervous. We were in the second round of talks on…

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Staying Connected to your Distributed Team

Nikki Kyllonen on July 19, 2022

In March 2020 , our remote-first company began its fully-remote journey. During COVID, we tested the waters and after 9 months, we officially terminated our office lease . This meant that by the time I joined in February 2021 , we were already a…

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A year at NewAperio

Meks McClure on June 07, 2022

How has it been a year already? As I write this, it has been exactly one year and one month since I started my new career as a software developer with NewAperio. In that time I have learned the PETAL stack , worked on my first production-level app…

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NewAperio Junior Developer Meks McClure Featured on Elixir Wizards Podcast

Logan Leger on June 03, 2022

I’m excited to announce that Meks McClure , NewAperio junior developer, was recently featured on the Elixir Wizards podcast. The theme of the podcast was Elixir in polyglot environments. Meks spoke about our work in Elixir and how our full-stack…

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My First Tech Conference

Meks McClure on March 31, 2022

Last week I went to The Big Elixir in New Orleans, which was my very first tech conference. One of NewAperio’s core values is Learning & Mentorship along with Continuing Education. As such, NewAperio covered all of my expenses as well as that of…

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The Big Elixir 2022

Logan Leger on March 08, 2022

The Big Elixir is returning to New Orleans this year, March 24–25, and we couldn’t be more excited. This is a great conference we’ve enjoyed every year. In fact, we’ve sponsored it in both 2018 and 2019 and I gave a talk at the very first one…

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Basic Fitness on Out to Lunch

Logan Leger on February 18, 2022

Basic Fitness, one of our clients, was recently on the Out to Lunch radio show talking about their startup and forthcoming app. It was a great opportunity for them to talk about their business. I would know, having been on the show myself back in…

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NewAperio 2021 Mug

Logan Leger on December 29, 2021

Every year around the holidays we send out a custom coffee mug and a bag of delicious beans as a gift. We send it to our clients in appreciation of their business, our team in appreciation of their hard work, and our friends in appreciation of their…

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Variable Insertion with Alpine.js and Mustache.ex

Meks McClure on August 10, 2021

There are multiple scenarios in which a user might want to insert a variable into a message that will later fill in that variable with a value. Some examples include drafting an email to many recipients and including their name in the greeting…

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