My First Tech Conference

Meks McClure on March 31, 2022

Last week I went to The Big Elixir in New Orleans, which was my very first tech conference. One of NewAperio’s core values is Learning & Mentorship along with Continuing Education. As such, NewAperio covered all of my expenses as well as that of…

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The Big Elixir 2022

Logan Leger on March 08, 2022

The Big Elixir is returning to New Orleans this year, March 24–25, and we couldn’t be more excited. This is a great conference we’ve enjoyed every year. In fact, we’ve sponsored it in both 2018 and 2019 and I gave a talk at the very first one…

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Basic Fitness on Out to Lunch

Logan Leger on February 18, 2022

Basic Fitness, one of our clients, was recently on the Out to Lunch radio show talking about their startup and forthcoming app. It was a great opportunity for them to talk about their business. I would know, having been on the show myself back in…

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NewAperio 2021 Mug

Logan Leger on December 29, 2021

Every year around the holidays we send out a custom coffee mug and a bag of delicious beans as a gift. We send it to our clients in appreciation of their business, our team in appreciation of their hard work, and our friends in appreciation of their…

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Variable Insertion with Alpine.js and Mustache.ex

Meks McClure on August 10, 2021

There are multiple scenarios in which a user might want to insert a variable into a message that will later fill in that variable with a value. Some examples include drafting an email to many recipients and including their name in the greeting…

Tags: Alpinejs, Javascript, Elixir

What’s it like being a Junior Developer at NewAperio?

Nikki Kyllonen on July 14, 2021

I was asked this question a lot while we were looking for our second Junior Developer. Just over a month into my first job as NewAperio’s first full-time Junior Developer and there I was helping to pick our second Junior Developer. It was more than a…

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Password Input Toggle in Alpine.js

Logan Leger on July 07, 2021

In our client work, we typically eschew "password confirmation" fields. These days confirmation fields serve little purpose and are mostly just an annoyance to the user . With easy password reset flows, it's trivial for a user to self-service reset…

Tags: Alpinejs, Javascript

June Pride Series: Inclusivity in Our Work with Clients

Glynnis Ritchie on June 30, 2021

This series is written in collaboration with Meks McClure . Welcome to the final post in our June 2021 Pride series! We’ll share some of the ways our core values, company culture, and inclusivity manifest in the work we produce for our clients…

Tags: Company, Diversity and Inclusion, LGBTQ+

June Pride Series: Growing Our Team and Cultural Practices

Glynnis Ritchie on June 28, 2021

This series is written in collaboration with Meks McClure . Welcome to part 3 in our Pride series! We’ll dive into ways the recent growth of our team (welcome Nikki and Meks !) inspired us to reflect on how to make our cultural practices and…

Tags: Company, Diversity and Inclusion, LGBTQ+

June Pride Series: More on Gender Identity and Pronouns

Meks McClure on June 25, 2021

This series is written in collaboration with Glynnis Ritchie . Welcome to part two in our June 2021 Pride series! Here we will take a deeper dive into the concepts of gender identities, gender expression, and how they relate to pronouns. Gender…

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