Updating and Deleting from Temporary Assigns in Phoenix LiveView

Logan Leger on August 07, 2020

Phoenix LiveView is a great library for building real-time, reactive apps that are rendered server-side. We've used it in both large-scale, complex apps and simpler admin dashboards in order to build rich user experiences without the overhead of…

Tags: Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView

Design Sprints in the time of COVID

Logan Leger on July 29, 2020

Design sprints have become crucial to our workflow when kicking off projects with new clients. They have become especially fundamental for our work with clients where we’re building a product that has never been released. The reason for this is two…

Tags: Design Sprints, Lessons Learned

Releasing Assert Identity

Logan Leger on May 06, 2020

I’m pleased to announce a new Elixir library called AssertIdentity . It’s a small helper library for ExUnit that provides assertions useful for comparing data structures by identity. AssertIdentity really shines in applications that leverage Ecto…

Tags: Elixir, Open Source, Programming

Connected Care Press

Logan Leger on April 07, 2020

Connected Care is a new mobile app that lets you keep track of a loved one's care and well-being. It was originally conceived by Dr. Jim Rhorer to help keep track of his elderly mother who is aging-in-place and share updates across his large…

Tags: Business, Company, Press

COVID-19 Preparations

Logan Leger on March 17, 2020

As the world is dealing with the lasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, I sent the following to our clients about our preparations. Our team is already remote and we have a liberal work-from-home policy. That means we’re already set up to work…

Tags: Business, Company

Iowa Caucus App Failure and Lessons Learned

Logan Leger on February 04, 2020

Earlier this week Iowa held the first primary in the 2020 US presidential election. What was supposed to be an organized process that reported results within a few hours ended with trickling reports of delays caused by mysterious ”coding issues” in…

Tags: App Development, Best Practices, Business, Lessons Learned, Mobile Development

Helping New Voices “Emerge”: The Big Elixir

Logan Leger on October 18, 2019

As fall rolls in, people take time to revel in the joys it brings: pumpkin-flavored everything, brisker breezes (we hope), and - for developers like ourselves - The Big Elixir . This two-day NOLA conference allows the NewAperio team to hone our…

Tags: Baton Rouge, NOLA, New Orleans, Elixir, The Big Elixir, development, coding, developers, mobile app development, web app, backend development, frontend development

Elixir in the Cloud at The Big Elixir 2018

Logan Leger on December 28, 2018

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of delivering a talk at The Big Elixir 2018, a brand new Elixir conference just down the road in New Orleans. It was a great conference and I enjoyed seeing old friends as well as making some new ones, while…

Tags: Company, Elixir, Talks

Sponsoring Elixir Forum

Logan Leger on October 25, 2018

Elixir has been the theme of 2018 for us at NewAperio as we focus more of our time working in the language. Throughout 2017 we invested a lot of our 20% time in educating ourselves on the language, building internal projects, and contributing back…

Tags: Company, Community, Elixir

Welcome, Nick!

Logan Leger on October 23, 2018

We're happy to announce that, just over two months ago, Nick Scheurich joined NewAperio in our Baton Rouge office as a senior developer. Nick has been a friend of ours for a while and we couldn't be more excited that he decided to join the team. He…

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