Thank you.

Towards the end of 2022, I sold the business of NewAperio. I spent 12 years building the company, and I’m stepping away feeling so grateful for the experience and so proud of what I achieved.

I started the company in my dorm room at LSU. I was just a kid; I had big ambition, huge confidence, and absolutely no idea what I was doing. Over the next 12 years — with lots of work, lots of help, and lots of luck — I built a company that produced amazing work that served our clients superbly, created an enriching workplace for our team, and provided for my family and so many others.

I want to give a deep and heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making NewAperio a success. Thank you to everyone who worked with me. We built an uncommon workplace culture that was supportive and enriching, and I will cherish that the rest of my life. Thank you to our clients who trusted us with their dreams and goals. We built wonderful things together that achieved greatly. Thank you to my friends and family, without whom I would’ve never found the courage and support to do it for as long as I did.

Headshot photo of Logan Leger
Logan Leger
Founder + CEO